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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 15, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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side. police say a gang member of videotape did all and then posted it on his facebook page >> that video led police to the attacker >> and working hard is exactly what the 62 year-old was doing
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tuesday morning when he was violently attacked. he worked as a salvager in alleys. he had been on disability the last few years with diabetes and an injured shoulder. but he did not like not having a job >> he had just saved enough money to buy a suit to wear to his son's wedding next month. he emigrated from mexico 36 years ago and had been married for 40 years. his wife learned what happened to him when chicago police came to the family's small apartment hours after he had left home >> they punched him in the face. as soon as they punched me fell unconscious on the ground. and when he fell on the ground his head bounced on the floor >> chicago police sources say he
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was the target in a game of plea in punch. gang members they believe picked him and pointed and attacked. a 16 year-old boy has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder and was ordered held without bond today in his first court appearance. the boy was with a group who videotaped the attack left him for dead until a passer-by found him three hours later bleeding and unconscious. he died the next day at the hospital >> in my moments when i was down he was always there. he was always hugging meet telomere were going to step up and were going to be strong >> now his six sons are trying to keep strong for their six sisters and their mother. they're in desperate need financially. they will take from him his lessons about manners character hard work and love.
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last week he was working and earning enough money for his youngest daughter to wear a dress to the family wedding >> he said i'm going to get money to buy your dress. now he is gone. his city promised he would be at my graduation but now he is not going to be there >> chicago police continued to search for two others who helped in this attack >> his family is planning to take his body back to mexico for burial sometime this week. police say they have arrested the two teenagers who were with the 16 year-old boy. they have also been charged with first- degree murder. they are scheduled to appear before a judge tomorrow. his family is struggling to raise money for
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his burial >> another is hot a violent weekend in chicago with nearly a dozen shootings that left three people dead and at least 11 people wounded. two of the shootings happened in the 1200 block. two men were out walking when a third person approached them and started shooting. a 27 year-old was dead on the scene. a 41 year-old man was shot in the leg. a father talked about the neighborhoods response to it gang violence >> we're going to continue to put pressure on them. the community is going to try to stop this. what's the gain? >> police have a person of
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interest in custody in that shooting >> the south side pastor who camped out on the roof of an abandoned motel for several months is walking across america. today the governor and the mayor joined pastor brooks for a walk through chicago >> their message is very clear. they want the gun violence. they walked 11 mi. in less than four hours. >> everybody can't do the same things. but we all can do something >> we're standing with pastor brooks and we're standing here to protect our children >> he will never. we cannot give up on. we have to help him >> pastor brooks walked side by side with the governor, the mayor, and chicago first lady >> i think it is very important to have something like this to
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give us something to believe in >> they are trying notto make us change >> he said a new community center would make a difference >> we used to play basketball every day there. the minute they shut it down most of the people i hung out with got shot >> it is everyone's responsibility. this march resembles that >> the pastor spent three months living on the roof of a motel to buy the building. now he is walking across the country to buildraise the money needed to build the community center >> this city walk ended here. on
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tuesday he will continue his walk to l.a. >> this shows you what can happen when we all work together for something positive. i think this will really help the community >> he is trying to raise $15 million to get the community center billuilt. walgreens said it they would match donations >> authorities believe a body
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pulled from lake michigan this morning is that of a missing north suburban woman. boats and divers from about 20 apartments began searching the forest park beach and along the shoreline in lake forest early today. after a man reported his a 44 year-old wife missing. her car and some of her clothing were found at the beach. several hours of searching a coast guard helicopter spotted a body floating 2 mi. from the shore. the woman's name is being withheld >> hours before another drowning in lake county. this one happened last night. a 19 year- old drowned. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow >> chicago police are asking for your help as the search for two men who sexually assaulted a woman on the northwest side. the attack took place on june 30th. the two men abducted the woman
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from a c t a blue train line at gunpoint and forced her from the train at the california stop. this occurred to an apartment where they sexually assaulted her a. fee of any information you're asked to call the chicago police >> west suburban maywood police are investigating the shootings of six people at a gathering in a home. police got a call late last night when. they arrive they found the victims ranging in age from 18 to 25 shot in the legs with one man also suffering wounds to his back and shoulders. all six were taken to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. no one is in custody as please determine if there was a single shooter or multiple gunmen >> the missing turkey legs were hardly noticed as another successful taste of chicago goes into the record books. lots of changes in this year's taste
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even. the number of these was cut in half down from 10 days after five no fireworks on the fourth of july and there were almost a third fewer food vendors than in years past. in spite of all that the crowds still made their way to come on this drive >> i used to come a couple times. it was still fun >> the vital information-how many pounds of ribs or consumed, how far all the hot dogs eaten would stretch if there were laid end to end and a number of city workers needed to clean up the mast should be announced in the next day or two >> a war of words heated up this weekend. between president obama and mitt romney. up next the
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accusations at the heart of it all >> plus the violence in it syria escalates in the capital city of damascus >> i will have details of the forecast ahead... break [ bell tolls ] so, why are we up here? because farmers offers a new-roof discount? [ thudding ]
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cancer. if you're a man over 50, you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer including melanoma the kind that kills one person every hour. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. it's easy -- follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. a message from the american academy of dermatology. closer. more backlash for president obama on his plans for unemployment and economic growth >> mitt romney continues to dodge attacks over his position at bain capital
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>> he is defending the gop nominee's credentials >> was he still the ceo of bain but he had nothing to do with any day-to-day decisions? >> that is correct. he was not involved in the day-to-day decisions >> the firm filed a document that said he was the ceo as late as 2001. romney said he left the company in 1999. they are judging his character >> this discussion is about transparency and showing the american people what judgments you're going to make as
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president >> the republicans are firing back. president obama it should focus on a better plan to boost the economy >> will get the records he has to run on... the highest deficit since world war two. the >> over the weekend negative advertisements targetting both campaigns hit the airwaves. mitt romney gave a talk to president obama as a big supporter-oprah winfrey >> chicago's it may hear was speaking as obama's campaign manager when he appeared on abc's this week this morning with a message from a >>om romney >> stop whining... defend what
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happened >> romney has called for an apology from president obama for the accusation. however the president says he will not apologize >> ahead of a prominent syrian opposition group is calling on president obama to take greater action on syria and not be worried about whether the decision will hurt his reelection campaign. the opposition local coordination committees of syria report at least 57 people were killed today across the country. the activists are calling today's fighting the fiercest yet to reach the capital city of damascus and its suburbs. witnesses say syrian forces went into one neighborhood with tanks. and united nations observers return to the city where opposition activists say more than 200 people were massacred last thursday
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>> the worst day will be tuesday if you do not like the key heat... we have partly cloudy skies across the area today. those clouds are coming from thunderstorms in minnesota. temperature is rose to 95 degrees today. hour winds have been out of the weswill probably hit 100 degrees by tuesday and come close tomorrow . winds dying down substantially
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at the moment. we're looking at this... heat advisory. heat index are around 105 degrees tomorrow. when is the hot air in chicago going to issue useightus an advisory? we will keep an eye out. temperaturedew point temps... sticky air out there. big thunderstorms
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in florida. the northeast is also picking up impressive storms right now. partly cloudy skies tonight. warm temperatures. tomorrow a few clouds. temperatures between 94 and 98 degrees. monday night early clouds and then sky is clear. tuesday... 105-110 heat index. evening storms a good
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possibility. and 90 degrees expected for wednesday. later in the week the temperatures will decrease a little. >> a retired marine is gone and extra special mission >> coming up why he is determined to walk for 24 hours straight to help a young friend
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but free lunches for your kids don't have to. find your local food bank at for help. together, we're feeding america. visitors from all over chicago. the celebration featured a parade of food and headliners to entertain the crowds cultural exhibits included old and new world of music arts axed partisans post and the traditional lion dance procession >> ice age heroes face off against prehistoric pirates in this week's number one movie >> i will find you!
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>> ice age continental drift brought in $46 million in ticket sales on into debut weekend. here are some of the other box office winners...
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ight . this he did it all for a little girl who wants to go to disneyland >> he stopped in minnesota this weekend to raise money for a 12 real pro with cerebral palsy. his 24-hour run will help her realize her dream of visiting disneyland. since 1976 he has raised $1 million for charities through his running >> that is the news for this
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sunday night. instead replaant replay
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